My approach in therapy   I tend to be quite directive in therapy. I like the idea of teaching skills to manage various situations, including the mental illnesses. This means that I like approaches such as cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour activation and meta-cognitive therapy.

Many skills can be taught in a group format. This has numerous advantages: it is more cost effective and group members learn from and support one another. I present four groups every week at ZwavelStream Clinic to in-patients. If you are interested you could come in as a day patient. I do groups on Understanding and Managing Anxiety, Understanding and Managing Depression, The Effects of Trauma and Adverse Events in Childhood and Changing Habits.

The area in which I have done the most work is undoubtedly trauma. All sorts of trauma, from the effects of early childhood trauma to recent trauma. I have worked with the impact of single incidents and complex multiple traumas. The approach I use most in working with trauma is EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), but I have also used narrative, cognitive processing therapy and on occasion prolonged exposure or exposure based cognitive therapy.

I have also often worked with depressed patients, and with people who experience a lot of anxiety. Here I like the more directive approaches, mainly cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural activation and metacognitive therapy.


The photo is of St Georges in Lalibela. One of the rock hewn churches dating from the 11th century. These churches have been in daily use since the 11th Century.