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Watch! Psychologist Elaine Bing writes on depression, how it presents, what you experience and practical strategies on how to cope. (No sound).

Watch! Elaine Bing and Christa Visagie, also a counselling psychologist, discuss the impact of Covid-19 in relation to anxiety.

covid-19 and anxiety

Psychology is a fascinating field that touches on most aspects of our lives. Human behaviour, the field of psychology, crosses all disciplines. On this site I try and introduce you to the ever interesting field of psychology and what I do as a psychologist and therapist.

Go to for discussion on various topics in psychology and psychotherapy that I have penned. This ranges from what is psychology, to phobias, depression and CBT.


The photo is a view from the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia

Trauma or when bad things happen

It's fascinating how good we as humans are at coping with really bad things. Our resilience is remarkable. ... read more ...


This picture is of the rock-hewn churches in the town of  Lalibela, Ethiopia. They were carved out of volcanic rock. They have been in constant use since the 11th century when they were built.

Content or function – the revolution in cognitive behavioural therapy

There are changes happening in cognitive behavioural therapy! CBT has been the gold standard of treatment in all sorts of problems for years ... read more ...


The photo is of the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia.

Atrocities and how we are all at risk

Could you commit atrocities? We don't want to think that we are probably all capable, ... read more ...


The photo is of the castle at Gondor, Ethiopia.